The Help Section

1. General Information

Although we do our best to make Yoole the best site of its kind online, we know that there will be bits and pieces which confuse you. The following help section will hopefully alleviate any concerns you might have and help you get the most out of the site.

  1. What Is Yoole?

    Yoole is a place where you can really enjoy the process of meeting new people online. The world is huge, why restrict yourself to your own cliques when you have the ability to converse with people from different backgrounds and cultures at your fingertips? You can upload content such as text, videos and photographs which you can share with fellow Yoole users. It is a site where you can interact with people with whom you share common interests and goals. Even if you normally have difficulties making friends, this won’t be the case on Yoole.

  2. What Are Your Rules And Regulations?

    In order to ensure that every user enjoys their time on Yoole, we have a number of Terms and Conditions which must be adhered to. For example, you cannot upload any content which doesn’t belong to you without the owner’s permission. We also take a dim view of lewd material being uploaded and users who abuse and insult other members. These are all offences which will result in your account being deleted. We ask you to read the following pages for more information:

    • Terms and Conditions
    • Privacy Policy
    • Guidelines
    • Safety Tips
  3. What Will Yoole Cost Me?

    Good news! Yoole doesn’t cost you a cent to join! When you become a member, you can create a profile, upload content, search for interesting people in your region and chat to 10 different contacts every single day. There are a number of other options available however if you choose to utilize our Premium Services. The extra cash you spend will open up even more avenues when it comes to meeting people and you will also get to play new and exciting games. There are a trio of special paid options known as Turbo Boost, Shooting Star and Center Stage.

  4. How Do I Register On Yoole?

    We have a specific ‘Become A Member’ link. All you have to do is click and follow the easy instructions. All you need is a real and valid email address and you’re good to go!

2. Yoole Settings

We want our members to have things their own way when it comes to setting up their profile. This is why we have a vast array of setting which are designed to help you tweak your account to perfection.

  1. What Is The Signing In Procedure?

    All you have to do is go to the ‘Sign In’ icon which is located at the top right of your screen. You’ll be asked for your password and email address before you can join the wonderful world of Yoole.

  2. What On Earth Is My Login?

    It’s not a long, round piece of timber! It’s the email address you use to sign into Yoole. This is the email address you used to register with the site. It is also possible to use the start of your personal address to login (

  3. What Do I Do If I Forget My Password?

    This is a common problem as people have dozens of different passwords for a host of accounts. To deal with this problem, click the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on your sign in page and we will guide you towards resetting it. You will receive an email from us confirming your new password.

  4. I Want To Change My Password? How Do I Do It?

    On the Settings page, simply click ‘Change Password’ and enter the password you are currently using when commanded. You’ll be asked to type in your new password twice before clicking the ‘Change Password’ button again to confirm. There is no limit to the amount of times you can do this.

  5. What Are Email Notifications?

    These are messages sent to your email which notify you anytime something happens on your Yoole account. If you get a message, comment, rating change or gift, a notification will appear in the email you used when registering for Yoole.

  6. How Do I Stop Receiving These Notifications?

    Log into your Yoole account and go to ‘Settings’. There will be an ‘Email’ section. All you have to do is click into it, and visit the ‘Edit’ option. You will now have the option to turn off all Yoole email notifications.

  7. How Do I Update a New Email Address?

    If you’re not happy with your email choice, simply login and visit the ‘Settings’ page on your profile. You can then click the link which allows a change in your email address and enter your password before clicking the button which ensures you receive a confirmation email. You will then receive an email to your new address which must be clicked on to confirm the changed email address.

  8. Where Can I Choose My Profile Address?

    The ‘choose address’ link on your profile page allows you to do this. Remember, this is a one-shot deal. You’re only allowed change your profile address once before it becomes your permanent address so choose carefully!

  9. I Want Out! How Do I Delete My Yoole Profile?

    If you’re not having fun on Yoole for any reason and want to leave, login to your account and choose ‘settings’. You should see an option to delete your profile on the left of the screen. Some simple instructions will follow and you will have deleted your account. Take a look at the site’s Privacy Policy for more information.

  10. Deleting It Was A Mistake! How Do I Get My Yoole Account Back?

    We all make mistakes and we’re delighted you want to rejoin us. Once you have deleted your profile, a link is sent to your email that can be clicked on for 7 days after you receive it. All you need to do is click on that link and you get your profile back!

  11. I Made An Embarrassing Error: How Do I Change The Gender On My Profile?

    This is an awkward situation! Luckily, it’s easy to deal with. Click on your edit option and click ‘Basic’. There will be an ‘Oops!’ link beside the gender option which needs to be clicked for you to change things. To prevent abuse of this option, it is only allowed once.

  12. I Didn’t Get A Confirmation Email When I Registered, What Now?

    We find that our emails tend to be relegated to the junk folders of email companies such as Hotmail and Yahoo! This means you need to search the junk section for the confirmation. If it isn’t there and hasn’t arrived within 24 hours of your registration, you will be required to enter an alternative address the next time you try and login on Yoole. In the event that your new email address receives the confirmation email, this will be your new email account for Yoole. If you are still not receiving an email from us, contact us as soon as possible with a message which explains the issue as well as any other information which you feel is pertinent to your problem such as the type of browser you use (Firefox for example), operating system (e.g. Windows Vista) as well as your email account provider (e.g. Yahoo!).

  13. I Don’t Want The Computer To Save My Login Details, How Do I Stop It?

    There will be a ‘remember me’ box underneath where you login. Ensure that it is not checked. Your browser may also save passwords which can be removed like this:

    For Firefox Users:

    Click on Tools, Options, Security and Show Passwords. Choose the username you want deleted from the site’s list: Click on ‘remove’ and then ‘close’.

    For Internet Explorer Users:

    Click on Tools, Internet Options and Content before clicking on ‘Autocomplete’. Finally, click on ‘Clear Passwords’ and OK.

  14. I Feel Lazy! How Do I Get The Computer To Save My Login Details For Quick Access?

    You can simply check the ‘remember me’ box. You may also receive a message from your browser asking you if you want your password to be remembered. Just click Yes on this option.

  15. Keep Making A Password Mistake, How Do I Find Out My Password?

    At Yoole, we find that many failed login attempts are just careless typing or else the CAPS lock has been left on. Passwords are case sensitive so be aware of this. If that isn’t the problem, clear the cache or close and re-open the browser. If that doesn’t accomplish anything, choose the ‘Forgot Password?’ option on the login page and you will be sent an email with instructions on changing your password.

3. Connecting On Yoole

Yoole is about connecting users from all the nations around the world. We want our users to make as many friends as possible from as many different nations as they can. We have amazing communication tools which enable you to contact members from thousands of miles away! Find out how to use them all!

  1. How Do I Start Looking For Potential Friends?

    There are a main trio of ways in which you can start looking for friends from around the world.

    1. New Members: Click on this option to search for Yoole users who have recently registered.
    2. Online Now: Click on this option and you will see all Yoole members who are online and available to chat.
    3. Find New People: This is probably the most exciting option as it allows you to look for interesting people among all Yoole members. You can initially search using gender, location, age and whether or not they have a photo options. As Yoole has so many users, you can be more specific by using our ‘Advanced Search’ option.
  2. Once I Locate Interesting People, How Do I Place Them In The Folder Of People I Know?

    After you have checked out that person’s profile, click the ‘Add to Friends’ option. If you already have lots of friends and would like to place someone on a list of members who have recently interested you, choose the ‘Manage contact’ option in the Messages section and then opt for ‘Add to friends’.

  3. How Do I Invite People I Cannot Find?

    You may have friends on Yoole you just can’t find. Simply click on the ‘Find people you know’ option and use one of the many methods of invitation available on Yoole. There is always the option of tagging someone in a photo before sending them a link or email. You could even create a new photo album with their tagged photo as this will result in them receiving an email notification. They will also see the updates the next time they login.

  4. A Member Interests Me, How Do I Send Him/Her A Message?

    All you need to do is visit their profile and choose the ‘Write a message’ option. You will be greeted with a text box in which you can compose your message before sending it. There are a host of great Yoole messenger features which are available if you have an updated version of a Flash player.

  5. How Am I Notified Of A New Message?

    You will receive exciting confirmation of a message via a message bubble which you can see at the top of the screen. It also tells you how many messages you have. You can either click on the bubble or open the ‘Messages’ icon to see what has been sent to you.

  6. How Do I Open And Read Messages?

    The Yoole Messenger needs to be open for you to read a message. Click on the message bubble at the top of your screen or the ‘Messages’ link to read your messages.

  7. I Messaged Someone But Can’t Find Them Again, How Can I Locate Them?

    Go to the ‘Messages’ section of the ‘New faces’ folder and you will find a link to the profile of the person who you sent the message to. You will also see a full record of your conversation so far.

  8. I Sent A Message, How Do I Know If It Has Been Received And Read?

    Every message you send appears in the messenger window and also has the time and date it was sent recorded. If you see a hollow circle next to the message you sent, this means the recipient has not had the chance to open it yet. The removal of this hollow circle means that the message has been opened.

  9. How Can I Add A New Contact?

    The ‘New faces’ folder contains all messages which have been sent or received by you. It should be noted that these contacts only remain in the folder for 30 days from the date the message appeared. If you want to keep these messages, just move them to another folder. The ‘Messages’ page is where all the folders are kept. If you go to someone’s profile and click the ‘Add to friends’ option, you will add that person to your ‘Friends’ folder.

  10. I No Longer Want Someone On My Contact List, How Do I Delete Them?

    Click on Messages and ‘Manage Contact’ next to the person who you want off your friend’s list. Choose the ‘Remove from contacts’ option and they are gone!

  11. I Have A Large Number Of Contacts, How Do I Arrange And Organize Them?

    You can create any number of new folders on the ‘Messages’ page via the ‘Create new folder’ option. Click on ‘Manage Contact’ next to the photo of the contact you wish to move and choose which folder you want them to go in.

  12. Will I Know If One Of My Contacts Is Online?

    We make it as easy as possible for you to find out if a contact is online. As well as the fact that his name turns green when he is online, you will also see ‘Online Now!’ on his profile.

  13. Can I Choose Who Sends Me Messages?

    Absolutely! Click on ‘Settings’, ‘Privacy’ and ‘Edit’. You can now choose between those you want to contact you and those you don’t want to hear from.

  14. Special Conditions Stop Me From Contacting Someone, What Is The Meaning Of This?

    We give members the opportunity to decide who they want to contact them via message. For example, they may only want to receive messages from users who have photographs or members of a set age or who are from a certain location. Therefore, a notification that says you can’t message a particular member means you don’t meet their messaging conditions.

  15. How Do I Deal With Yoole Members Who Make Me Nervous?

    You can elect not to talk to them and put them in the ‘Blocked’ folder which also means that they cannot talk to you. If they are bothering you, click ‘Report abuse’ and Yoole will deal with the problem.

  16. Can I Still Receive Mail From People I Have Blocked?

    Members who you have blocked can actually send you messages, you just won’t receive the notifications nor will they be able to leave you comments. It will be like they don’t exist!

  17. A Yoole User Is Breaking The Rules, What Can I Do About It?

    The ‘Report abuse’ link on a person’s profile should be clicked if you believe someone is violating the Terms and Conditions of the site. You will be faced with a dropbox of options which asks you the reason for the complaint. Choose one and also leave as much information that is relevant to the problem as possible as this makes it easier for us to solve it.

  18. The Yoole Messenger Window Will Not Open For Me, What Now?

    Whenever you use the Yoole Messenger Window, an extra window should appear in your browser. If it doesn’t, check to make sure that you have no software which is blocking pop-ups as this will prevent the window from opening. After removing pop-up restrictions, try and open the Yoole Messenger Window again.

  19. How Do I Allow Yoole Pop-Ups To Appear?

    If you have software that blocks pop-ups, turn it off to allow all pop-ups to appear or just pop-ups from Yoole. Also, ensure that your browser has no settings which are blocking pop-ups from appearing. You can now configure pop-ups for Yoole on the following browsers:

    Internet Explorer: Tools, Pop-up blocker and settings. You will be faced with an address bar into which you will enter before clicking ‘Add’ and ‘Close’.

    Firefox: Tools, Options and Content. Tick ‘Block Popup Windows’ box, click ‘Allowed Sites’, enter in the address bar before clicking ‘Allow’ and ‘Close’.

  20. The Word Verification Box Confuses Me And It Says I Am Not Entering The Right Text, What Do I Do?

    You have to enter the characters precisely as they appear in the box and remember that it is case sensitive. If you are certain that you’re entering the right text, contact us with information relating to your browser and version (i.e. Internet Explorer v7.0), operating system (i.e. Windows Vista) and the name of your internet provider (i.e. AOL).

  21. I Can’t Delete My Messages, Help!

    You can only remove messages from your profile once you have removed the user who sent the messages from your contact list.

  22. Is There Any Reason Why I Can’t Change My Status?

    When you log into Yoole, your status is automatic. For example, your status will say ‘Online Now!’ after you have logged in. It will change to ‘Idle’ when you have not used Yoole for 15 minutes or more and you will be seen as ‘Offline’ once you sign out.

4. Profile

Your profile page is the first thing people will see when they check you out. Therefore, it’s important that you impress!

  1. What Members Are Allowed View My Profile?

    You have total control over those who view your profile. Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Privacy’ and choose between ‘Any user’ or ‘Yoole Members only’. The latter option keeps your profile more private but limits your chances of meeting someone.

  2. I Need To Edit My Profile, How Do I Do It?

    Go to the Profile Page, and click ‘Edit’ beside the part of your profile you are not happy with. Change as you see fit and press ‘save’.

  3. I Feel Shy, Must I Answer Every Profile Question?

    Not at all! It is entirely up to you when it comes to answering the questions. Feel free to answer them all or only a handful. That being said, you increase your chances of finding someone interesting by answering all the questions as it helps users who are searching for like-minded people.

  4. How Do I Make Sure My Friends Receive My Profile Page Link?

    It’s always a good idea to ensure that your friends can find your Yoole profile easily. You have a profile address (or link) which you need to send to them. You can find this link on the left of your Profile Page and it is easily copied/pasted into emails which can then be sent to friends.

  5. Is There Any Way Of Knowing Who Visited My Page?

    We believe in transparency on Yoole which means that all those who visited your page can be viewed in the ‘Your Visitors’ folder in the ‘Messages’ section of the site. Information these folders contain includes a link to the profile page of the visitor as well as the time and date they viewed your profile.

  6. How Do I Remove People From The ‘My Visitors’ Folder?

    You can’t. However, they are automatically removed from the folder after 1 month.

  7. How Can I Improve My Profile Completion Percentage?

    This is easy! You must continue to fill in all aspects of your profile until it is 100% complete. This includes answering all the profile questions and filling in all profile sections. The more of your profile that is complete, the more likely you are to meet interesting people.

  8. I Am Not Happy With My Username, How Do I Change It?

    Visit your profile page after logging in and click ‘Edit’ followed by ‘Basic’. Enter whatever name you wish and ‘save’.

  9. I Need A URL (Personal Profile Page Address), How Do I Get One?

    Go to the ‘Page Address’ section of your profile page and click on the ‘Choose Address’ link. Carefully follow the instructions because you are only allowed change your profile page address once.

5. Albums

With albums, you have the opportunity to show all Yoole users the sides of you that no one has ever seen before. Creative souls will be in heaven with all the tools they have at their disposal on Yoole. You can show all members the type of person you are in visual form.

  1. What Are Albums?

    A Yoole album is something which contains all the text, photos and pictures which you decide to upload. With these albums, you can share as much or as little as yourself as you wish with your fellow Yoole members. You have an array of tools at your disposal, use them wisely!

  2. How Do I Make A New Album?

    Creating a new album is easy. Simply click the ‘create a new album’ link which can be found directly above your profile page albums. Another page will appear and this is where you enter details such as an album title, description of the content as well as whatever you have uploaded.

  3. What Are An Album’s Properties?

    With an album, you can tell fellow Yoole users all about yourself using pictures and videos to help tell the story as well as any descriptions you enter. It’s up to you to decide who can see this story of your life.

  4. Is There A Limit To The Amount Of Videos And Photos I Can Upload?

    There is a limit to the number of videos and photos per album which we have set at 50. However, you can create as many albums as you like so it doesn’t really matter!

  5. Are There Restrictions On The Type Of Content I Can Upload?

    Before uploading your content, please read our Terms and Conditions policy carefully. Inappropriate content such as pornography is prohibited. You are also not allowed to use other people’s content without their permission. Your account could be deleted if you breach the Terms and Conditions. All photos in the ’Photos of you’ section must clearly show who you are. For example, group photos with one or more people not identifiable will need their own separate folder.

  6. How Can I Put New Content Into Existing Albums?

    Login and go to your Profile page. Go to the album where you want to upload more content and choose the ‘Add photos and videos’ option. Pick the content you want to upload and press ‘Open’. Use the ‘Ctrl’ key on your keyboard to choose multiple videos or photos. This is the ‘cmd’ key for Mac users.

  7. Can I Pick And Choose Who Sees My Albums?

    Beside the ‘Photos for you’ album which is visible to everyone, you have complete control over viewership of all your albums. Choose the album(s) you want to keep controlled and click ‘Edit album’ and enter the ‘Access’ section. This gives you the choice to make your album private or public. ‘Private’ means that users need your permission to view the content of the album while ‘Public’ allows everyone to see it.

  8. Do I Have Control Over Album Comments?

    Yes. Choose the album you wish to control and click ‘Edit album’. You will then be faced with a dropdown menu which asks you who you want to comment on the pictures. Make your choice and Save changes.

  9. Am I Allowed To Change An Album’s Name?

    Yes. Go to ‘Edit album’ after choosing the album you want to change. Enter the new name and Save changes. The Photos of You section cannot have its name changed as it is a Yoole default setting.

  10. Can I Get Rid Of Pictures And Videos I Don’t Like?

    Yes and it is very easy. Just pick the photo/video you don’t like and click the ‘x’ on the top right of it to delete.

  11. I Need To Fix My Album, How Do I Rearrange It?

    Go into the album and use your mouse to click and drag the videos/photos you want to rearrange. This is a simple drag and drop procedure that is easy to do. Once you are satisfied with the new arrangement, simply let go of the mouse button.

  12. Am I Allowed Remove An Album From Yoole?

    Yes. All you have to do is click on the album you want to remove, press ‘Delete’ and press ‘Delete’ again when prompted for final confirmation.

  13. How Can I See Any Comments Made About My Albums?

    All you have to do is go to the content in your albums and you will see any comments written underneath the photo/video.

  14. Am I Allowed To Remove Comments I Don’t Like?

    Absolutely! Just go to the comment and click on the visible ‘Delete’ option beside it. You can also block or even report the person who left the comment if it is an abusive one.

  15. What Are The Video And Photo Rules On Yoole?

    We have a set of strict Terms and Conditions which we hope all users read before registering on Yoole. You cannot use other people’s content, upload lewd, abusive or obscene material. Members who are reported and found to have broken the Terms and Conditions will have their account deleted. You also can’t use photos that don’t clearly show you in them in the ‘Photos of You’ album. All photos of this nature in the ‘Photos of You’ album must be moved to another album. Please use clear pictures of you in the ‘Photos of You’ album as this will increase your chances of meeting someone who excites you.

  16. I Can’t Upload Certain Content, Why?

    This probably has something to do with the size of the photos and videos as well as the format. All photos must be either TIFF, PNG, BMP, JPG or GIF and be less than 5MB in size with a minimum dimension (height x width) of 300 pixels. Videos must be less than 100MB, shorter then 10 minutes but longer than 10 seconds.

  17. I Am Trying To Change My Main Picture But I Can’t, Help!

    Yoole has a default setting that automatically places your highest rated photo as your Profile Picture. Obviously, if you only have one photo, that will be your main photo.

  18. Is It Possible To Rotate The Photos?

    Yes. Once you go into your albums, you should notice a rotating arrow on top of the thumbnail of each picture. Click on this if you want to rotate the picture.

  19. Explain What A Yoole Watermark Is Please!

    This is a protective measure which ensures that no unauthorized photos or videos are allowed on Yoole. Basically, it protects your content as no one else will be able to copy your pictures and post them on their own account.

  20. 20: Is It Possible To Add This Watermark To Uploaded Content?

    Yes. In fact, you can add the watermark to all your pictures by clicking on ‘Settings’, ‘Privacy’ and clicking ‘On’ when faced with the option which asks you if you want Yoole watermarks on your photos and videos.

  21. Am I Allowed Add Another Yoole Member’s Album To My Collection?

    Yes, but only if you have already been tagged in that album. In this instance, click the ‘Add this album’ link on whatever album you want to add. This is a fantastic opportunity to add to your Yoole collection of memories with friends.

6. Tagging

  1. What Is Tagging?

    Yoole enables you to tag whomever you wish in your photos quickly and easily. If you have photos in your albums and there are people you know in them, you can tag them if you wish. It’s an easy way to distinguish people in group photos. Also, when you tag Yoole friends in photos, you also create a link to their profile. Even people who have not yet come on Yoole will be able to see the photo because we send them an email allowing them to see the picture as long as you provide us with that person’s name and email address.

  2. Why Should I Tag?

    Tagging is a great way to allow other members to quickly determine who’s who in the picture. With tagging, people who otherwise wouldn’t know who you are may like what they see and decide to view your profile. This means that you don’t always need to bring a camera out with you. As long as a friend has one, your antics will be captured and can be shared with the world on Yoole. Basically, the more you tag photos and are tagged in them, the more people on Yoole will know about you and the likelier it is that you will receive many more visitors to your profile.

  3. How Do I Go About Tagging Someone On Yoole?

    The owner of the photo needs to have enabled the picture for universal tagging. If he has, just click on any photo and look for the ‘Tag People’ link on the left. To tag someone you know, click the link, drag the box that appears and crop it. Place this box over the person’s face and select between the list of names that appears. If you are tagging someone who is not a friend on Yoole but is in general, send us their email address and their name and we will send them an email which allows them to see their photo. Always press the ‘Save Tag’ button upon completion. All photos you tag will end up in the ‘Photos of You’ album so the tagged person needs to approve the procedure before it is complete.

  4. Is It Possible To Tag A Non-Member Of Yoole?

    Yes! You can type the name of the person being tagged and if they are a member of Yoole and on your friend’s list, their name will automatically appear on a dropdown box. If they are not a Yoole friend, just give us their email address and name and we can send them a link which enables them to see the picture.

  5. I Have Tagged People In My Albums, Now What?

    Yoole friends that have been tagged in your photos will receive a notification and an alert in their account. This gives them the option of accepting or rejecting the tag. If they accept, the photo ends up in the ‘Photos of You’ section. Non-members of Yoole who are tagged can be notified via email if you send us their emails address and name.

  6. Will I Be Able To See If Someone Has Tagged Me?

    There is a special ‘Connections’ page which enables you to see a host of updates by your friends. The ‘Connections’ page will automatically receive an update if one of your friends has tagged you in a photo.

  7. Will I Be Able To Remove A Tag?

    Not everyone likes having tags on them! If you have changed your mind and want to remove a tag of yourself, just find the photo, hover over the tag, and click the X button that appears on the right hand side of the picture. When you click X, confirm that you want to delete the tag.

  8. Who Is Allowed To Tag Me?

    It is entirely up to you when it comes to deciding who has the right to tag you. Choose ‘Settings’ and ‘Privacy’ before selecting those who you want to tag you if they get the opportunity. This is just one of the numerous options we offer you to keep your information safe and secure.

  9. Is Anyone Else Allowed To Tag Someone In My Pictures?

    Yes. However, you get to choose the people who are allowed perform this action. Click on ‘Settings’, then ‘Privacy’ and you will be given the option to decide who can tag you and others in the photos and videos you have in your albums. There are a host of other security options available to you in ‘Privacy’.

  10. Will I Be Able To Place A Tagged Group Picture In ‘Photos Of You’?

    Yes. Every single photo in which you are tagged ends up in your ‘Photos of You’ album. The advantage of this is that you can put group photos in this album but still be easily identifiable because of the tags. Everyone else in the photo is also easy to identify.

7. Rate Photos

This is a great feature that allows Yoole users to know what their fellow members think of their pictures. It’s a great way to find out what your best photos are.

  1. How Do I Vote?

    All photos have a ‘vote’ option. Just click on it and vote.

  2. I Have No Rating, Why?

    In general, your photos will be rated around 15 minutes after it was voted on. Once your first photo is rated, you will need to rate 50 photos in order to enter any more of your own photos to the ratings.

  3. Is There Any Reason Why People Are Not Rating My Photos?

    On Yoole, you need to rate other people’s photos before they do the same for you. Keep rating other people and watch as your own rating hopefully skyrockets.

  4. Why Can’t I Rate Photos From People In Other Countries?

    The default setting ensures that you rate photos from people from your own nation first. Once these options are finished, you will rate photos of people from other nations.

8. Today I Want

This is the name of an innovative feature which enables you to explain to your fellow Yoole members what you hope to achieve today. This feature is designed to help Yoole users connect over common goals.

  1. What Is This Feature All About?

    This is an exciting feature which enables you to explain to the whole of Yoole world what you want to do today. We offer some ideas but try and be as creative as possible. Hopefully, you will find people who want to join you on your quest for the day.

  2. Where Can I Find This Feature On Yoole?

    You will see the ‘Today I want’ option on the right hand side of the ‘Messages’, ‘Find new people’ and ‘Home Page’ sections. Once you have made your choice, click on ‘Tell everyone’ to ensure that they whole world knows!

9. Special Paid Features

Although Yoole is 100% free to join and use, we have Premium Features which allow you to enjoy even more adventures on Yoole as you gain a host of additional extras as well as having access to exciting games. Yoole is great when used for free but it has hidden depths that only Premium members can access.

  1. What Is Turbo Boost?

    Turbo Boost is designed to ensure you meet people as soon as possible. You have a host of benefits with Turbo Boost with Advanced Search, Invisible Mode and Customization of your Profile all possible. If this sounds interesting, you can activate your Turbo Boost by clicking on the Boost icon on your profile and following the instructions. Go to ‘Payment Settings’ in order to deal with subscription matters.

  2. What Is The Situation With Credits?

    Credits enable you to send gifts to people you like and also helps you get displayed more frequently on Yoole games which will help boost your profile. Use Shooting Star to get to the top of the search results and you will be center Stage on virtually every Yoole page. There is an Automatic top-up option which can be managed in ‘Payment Settings’ With credits, you can be one of the most visible people on Yoole!

  3. What Is Shooting Star?

    Shooting Star is a unique Yoole feature that helps you rise to the top of search listings on Yoole.

  4. Where Can I Find The Shooting Star Link?

    Just go to the ‘Popularity Page’ and choose the ‘Be a Shooting Star and become number 1 in the rankings’ option.

  5. Why Do I Need Shooting Star?

    You need Shooting Star in order to be noticed more often. When other Yoole users join and use the Shooting Star option, your profile will plummet in our rankings. Let’s face it, no one is likely to message you if your profile is languishing outside the top 30,000. With Shooting Star, you will be back to the top within minutes. Prepare to be bombarded with messages!

  6. What Does It Cost?

    Shooting Star is not affiliated with Turbo Boost so you will be charged for every usage. There is no set price as it varies depending on where you live.

  7. What Are The Payment Options For The Shooting Star Service?

    Just click the ‘Shooting Star’ option and choose between the various payment methods Yoole offers you. These payment methods depend on the country you live in. Carefully follow the instructions.

  8. How Quickly Does Shooting Star Work?

    Once you utilize ‘Shooting Star’, your profile could be at the top within 5 minutes! Once you have purchased ‘Shooting Star’, you will receive a text message from us which states that we have received payment and your profile is going to number 1!

  9. What Is center Stage?

    As the name suggests, center Stage is a feature which helps you become the center of attention as it allows you to be seen by every Yoole user who lives near you. Whether you are new to Yoole or finding that your profile is not being viewed much, this is a great way to get noticed fast.

  10. How Do I Get On center Stage?

    On the left hand side of center Stage, there will be a link that states ‘Add me here’ which you must click. Pick the photo that you want to be put on display and add a greeting to Yoole members if you wish. Use one of the payment methods available to you and follow the instructions. Once this is done, every single Yoole user in your area will see you. As time passes, your photo will be slowly pushed to the left until you are forced to exit the stage!

  11. What Are Gifts?

    This is something you can give to a Yoole member who you like, admire or are just having fun with. Your gift will sit proudly on their profile page. We have hundreds of great gifts for you to choose from.

  12. Are There Any Daily Contact Limits?

    Yes. We don’t allow more than a certain number of daily contacts as a means of preventing spam. An unlimited number would merely encourage spammers.

  13. Please Explain Turbo Boost

    The aforementioned Daily Contact Limit means that you cannot talk to more than 10 new contacts on Yoole a day. Turbo Boost allows you to get past that rule and meet many more new contacts if you wish. It is a premium option with a variety of payment options available depending on your country.

  14. What Is The Price Of This Option?

    This is a one-off charge and must be paid for every time you wish to use it. The price of increasing your Daily Contact Limit varies depending on where you live.

  15. What Do I Do If There Are Payment Problems?

    We have a fantastic Customer Service team who are ready, willing and able to deal with any and all queries and issues when it comes to payment.

10. Yoole Desktop Application

We have a desktop application that can be downloaded for free by all Mac and Windows users. It enables you to find out how close fellow Yoole users are to you at any moment in time. When you download the application on to your desktop, you can see all the other Yoole users who are online and you will receive notifications from Yoole right to your desktop.

  1. How Do I Install The Yoole Desktop Application?

    The link which installs the application can be found by going to your Profile page and clicking on the map that is available. You could also click on this link for a quicker way of downloading. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and the whole procedure should be done in less than 60 seconds. At present, this application can only be downloaded on Windows Vista, 7 and XP and Mac OS X 10.5 or newer versions

  2. What Do I Do If The My Location Is Incorrectly Indicated?

    Make sure you log into your profile and click on the map. Move the red pin on the map until you are satisfied that the right location has been set. Make sure you save your changes.

  3. Am I Able To Change The Settings On My Yoole Desktop?

    It’s easy to change the settings. All you have to do is click on the Yoole Desktop icon and click ‘Settings’ on Windows or ‘Preferences’ on Mac. You have the option to choose the type of notifications you receive, how often you receive them as well as being able to switch off the sounds if you wish.

  4. What Is The Best Way To Manage My Privacy Settings?

    The Desktop application only shows your fellow Yoole members an approximate location. For obvious safety reasons, we will never show anyone on Yoole where you are located precisely.

  5. What Do I Do To Sign Out Of This Application?

    Click on the ‘Settings’ or ‘Preferences’ option after clicking on the Yoole desktop icon in order to sign out. We urge you to take great care and be certain you have signed out, especially if you are using a public computer.

  6. How Do I Uninstall The Yoole Desktop Application?

    Uninstalling the Desktop Application varies depending on whether you are using Windows or a Mac.

    Windows: Click on the ‘Start’ menu, ‘Control Panel’ and ‘Programs and Features’. Click on ‘Uninstall program’ and choose Yoole Desktop Application as the program to uninstall. You could do it quicker if you wish by right-clicking on the Desktop Application Icon and clicking ‘Uninstall’.

    Mac: Click on ‘Applications’ then move the Yoole Desktop Application to ‘Trash’.

11. Yoole Mobile Application

Praise technology as it allow you to use a mobile web version of Yoole or enjoy the site by downloading an application for Android or iPhone. The availability of these features depends on your country of residence.

  1. What Premium Services Can I Enjoy On Yoole Mobile Application?

    The majority of our Premium Services can be accessed on your mobile application. Android users have different payment options which depend on their location. iPhone users are billed through their Apple iTunes account. WAP services need to be paid for via credit card or a mobile phone bill.

  2. What Must I Do In Order To Pay For The Unlimited Messages Service?

    The type of mobile you use dictates the way in which you pay for the ability to manage privacy and location settings. Either contact your mobile phone service provider or Yoole’s Privacy Policy for more details.

  3. How Do I Sign Out Of This Application?

    Go to your Profile page, click on ‘Settings’, ‘Account’ and ‘Sign Out’.

12. Privacy

There is nothing that matters more to Yoole than the privacy of its members. This is why we have a number of different options to keep your profile as private as you want it to be.

  1. What Can I Do To Control My Privacy On Yoole?

    Every page on Yoole has the ‘Settings’ link placed in the corner. You have the option to control those who view your profile and send messages to you. You can also adjust your security level when it comes to signing in and you can even decide who you want to see and comment on your albums as well as protecting your pictures via watermarks.

    Please read Yoole’s Privacy Policy for more details relating to your security.

  2. Have You Any Online Safety Tips?

    Every page on Yoole have a list of Safety Tips at the bottom. We urge you not to divulge financial information or any sensitive personal information such as your address or phone number while online. Yoole will never ask you for this information through the ‘Messages’ section.

    We would ask you to review our Safety Tips guide and also contact our Customer Support team if you have any other queries relating to your online safety when using Yoole.

    If the above information doesn’t answer all your questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.