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At Yoole, we are well aware that the last thing our users are interested in is a bunch of legal jargon. Girls want to meet guys and vice versa but it’s always a good idea to read about your legal rights. Our Privacy Policy is based on Swiss law and any issues arising from it will be settled on this basis. The English version of this policy will be given more weight than any translated version.

What Is A Privacy Policy?

We would like to welcome you again if you have been smart and elected to click through to here from our Terms and Conditions page. When you enter your personal data on Yoole, you should be eager to find out what we actually do with it. You have to be made aware of these things and we are legally obligated to explain the following about your information:

  1. How it is collected
  2. The way in which it is protected
  3. Your ability to access it
  4. How Yoole uses it
  5. Who it is shared with

Who Are Yoole?

Yoole are operated by eruxo llc, a company registered in Switzerland at Hauptstrasse 46a, 8832 Wollerau, Switzerland.

Privacy Policy In Law

Although social networks are undoubtedly great fun, you must be a little worried about what happens to all the personal information you give. There is so much concern about things like identity theft that it’s very important to stay up to date with such matters. The purpose of Yoole’s Privacy Policy is to make sure you know exactly where your personal information goes and how the site uses it.

The Policy relates to and all users of Yoole agree to comply with what is written below the moment you access the site along with what you read in our Terms and Conditions page. Therefore, it is wise to know what you’re getting yourself into! We collect, use, store and share your information so it’s best if you know how this works. As Yoole has the right to alter what is written below without notice, you are advised to go through this Privacy Policy every now and then.

Those who don’t agree with the following must not use the site under any circumstances.

1. Yoole Users

This applies to everyone who uses Yoole, whether you are a member or a visitor.

What personal information is collected by Yoole when I sign up?

First of all, you need to be aware that Yoole is a worldwide social networking site for adults. It enables you to chat with people from all corners of the globe. The first step towards joining Yoole is to fill in a registration form online. Details you will be asked to provide include:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Location

The form also allows you to enter a host of other details but this is entirely up to you. The list above is mandatory however. You can change these details whenever you like by going to your profile page (the exceptions being your email address and gender). Yoole tracks the IP address and email address of all users once they have made a profile.

Do minors also have their information collected?

If you are under 18 years of age, you cannot join Yoole as this site is specifically for adults. Certain nations have a higher age of majority so users from these places must equal or exceed that age to become a member. This means that minors cannot have information collected. If we discover that a user is under the age of majority in their country, we will immediately delete their account. Once we have removed an individual’s account, we still keep a record of his/her IP and email addresses so that accessing the site remains impossible, regardless of how many profiles he/she creates.

What about the personal information of non-members?

Those who visit Yoole but are not members will not have their personal information kept on record. Your computer will have ID cookies placed on it but that’s as far as we go. Check out the ‘What do Yoole use to collect my information?’ question for more information.

What happens to additional information placed on the site?

The reason users of Yoole need to enter certain information about themselves is to make it easier for other users to find them. Yoole is an enormous site so finding other users is a tough task. We ask you to read our pages relating to user safety (Safety Tips and Guidelines) which explain what you should and should not do with regards to divulging information online. The aforementioned information such as email addresses are not displayed on Yoole. These are for our records only and will not will open to Yoole users. As a result, we would advise all users to leave the following information off their profile page:

  • Email addresses
  • Full name
  • Physical address
  • URL’s
  • Phone numbers

It goes without saying that other important information should be kept completely to yourself, even when messaging a Yoole user in private.

It is also prudent to leave religious and political affiliations off your profile page. You should always be proud of your religious background but you could be leaving yourself open to abuse from small-minded people. This also applies to videos and photographs that may reveal more of yourself than is reasonable. After all, would you parade naked in your town square? Posting raunchy pictures or videos of yourself is almost the same, expect for the fact that there will be millions of viewers! If you decide to go ahead and post such material about yourself on Yoole, you are agreeing to allow the site to collect, share, publish and use this information. Yoole is not liable for any issues that arise from the content you upload. Also, if you upload content that is against site rules, we reserve the right to automatically delete your account. See our Terms and Conditions page for more information about this.

Does the Mobile App change anything when it comes to the gathering of information?

Using a Mobile App, information about your location will be made known to us as we collect and save it. Your location will then be displayed on the site so that Yoole users in your area will know you are out and about and can quickly contact you. Once you download an application to your desktop (which is designed to share your location) or on your mobile phone, you can stay in touch with all your friends and let them know your current location.

We understand that not all users will want this information shared so we urge you not to download any applications to your computer that allows others to see where you currently are. The same goes for mobile phone users. Avoid those apps to stay hidden! If you upload one of these apps, you need to remove it to eliminate the location feature. Desktop users merely have to quit the application. iPhone App users should go to ‘Settings’, ‘Location Services’ and press ‘Off’. Android users need to go to ‘Profile’, ‘Privacy’ and press ‘On’.

Do premium users have any additional personal information collected?

In order for you to enjoy Yoole’s premium services, you have to enter financial information relating to your method of payment. Therefore, we have to collect certain details to process the transaction. However, we do not keep credit card details. It should be noted that the payment service providers we use are legally allowed to keep credit card details.

The only other information collected by us relates to technical and statistical data about your computer system and the games you play. We need this information to improve the games and make Yoole even better.

Does Yoole collect information about me from other social networking sites?

We are partnered with certain social networking sites so the profile of all Yoole users who are also registered on these sites can be viewed from Yoole and vice versa. Our partners have different Privacy Policies so you need to read them also to clarify the ways and means in which they use your personal information. We have no control over what they do with your personal information.

Do Yoole collect any more of my personal information?

Whenever you contact Yoole’s customer service team, we will keep your IP address and email as a way of getting in touch with you as soon as possible. All records of communication between you and Yoole will be kept in our records. We also keep this information if you complain about a Yoole user or if someone complains about your conduct.

Will Yoole Ever Have Cause To Contact Me?

You can choose to receive email updates from Yoole about offers or notifications by using the ‘Settings’ section of your profile page.

What else will Yoole use my personal information for?

There is the possibility that Yoole will use your information on our partner’s sites for marketing and promotional purposes. We feel this is necessary in order to find out exactly what you need and want from Yoole and give you exactly that. Your information will also be used in any instances of dispute resolution and to solve issues that arise as well as laying down the law as written in our Terms and Conditions.

What do Yoole use to collect my information?

You may be aware of the existence of internet cookies. They may sound delicious but they are actually bits of text that your web browser stores on your computer. We place these cookies on your computer as a means of remembering the information of our users. The result of this is an easy log-in experience for you. Non-members have cookies placed on their computer too. The difference is, they only last for the duration of your visit to the site.

We give certain business partners permission to place cookies also. Once we allow this, our partners are allowed to use their own policies.

If this bothers you, there are ways and means to prevent it. You should look at your browser’s ‘help’ menu and find out how to delete and control the cookies placed on your computer. Flash cookies are a different matter altogether and you’ll need the help of to figure out how to deal with them. There are also sites such as that can help. Remember, getting rid of cookies may result in your Yoole experience being less spectacular than usual because some of the site’s functions may not work.

2. Other People’s Information

What does my profile look like from another user’s perspective?

We set up Yoole so that members can get in touch with one another. Hiding all your information is akin to staying in your room all alone! The default Yoole setting enables all members to see your username, personal information you choose to add and any pictures and videos you upload. More popular users find that they gain unwanted attention. If this is the case for you, it’s easy to alter your settings to make your profile more exclusive. The ‘Settings’ section of your profile enables you to decide which members deserve to see your profile.

How do I use the information of others?

The only thing you should do with the information of other members is use it to make friends with them. The information Yoole’s users display on their profile is only meant to attract like-minded people and those interested in getting to know them better. Using another member’s information for commercial purposes, spam or similar reasons will see your account deleted as this behavior contravenes our Terms and Conditions.

What about the information of contacts and friends?

With millions of users, it’s likely that a number of your friends are already on Yoole! If they are not, get them to join in on the fun. If you want to add a friend on Yoole, search for them by entering their first and last names in our search box. You can also use information such as email and physical address. Inviting people to be your friend on Yoole is child’s play. Just click the ‘Invite’ button and they will receive a mail from us in your name. If your friends are the forgetful type, never fear! Yoole may send a reminder email after a few days. They won’t escape you that easily! Invite as many friends as you wish, just make sure they are over 18 and have given you their permission to ask!

This is important because we save their email address in order to make it easier to contact them. However, your friend’s email will not be sold to any third parties or used for any other reason than to send them your invite. If your friend doesn’t want to be part of the Yoole community for any reason and would like their information taken off our records, they can contact our Support team and they will be delighted to help.

3. Your Information And Other Organizations

Will you sell my personal information?

Absolutely not! Yoole has 100% respect for all its members and will never sell or rent any personal information that helps companies identify you for any reason. Any information we give to other companies relating to you is of a non-personal nature and is only used for marketing and statistical purposes.

Will you give my personal information to other organizations?

It is possible that Yoole will provide a third party with your personal information but they will never be able to use it to identify you. This means that random organizations will not contact you and harass you in a bid to close a sale. The information provided will be used by third parties for statistical purposes in a bid to help marketing teams target certain demographics.

You may notice adverts on Yoole. The information we provide to third parties is used to come up with advertisements that will be of interest to you. We are exposed to thousands of adverts a day according to marketing experts but few of these are of any interest to the individual. When you visit Yoole, any adverts you see have a high percentage chance of providing services or goods that you may genuinely be interested in. Incidentally, there is a Network Advertising Initiative opt-out tool that may interest you if you want your profile to remain relatively free from adverts.

We always strive to work with third parties to ensure that their intellectual property

rights are adhered to at all times. Yoole may provide police or government agencies with your personal information if requested and if we feel that disclosure is necessary to ensure we stay within the law. This is also the case if a third party needs our assistance when it comes to adhering to legal issues or if a court order, judicial proceeding or any other legal process is served and relates to Yoole.

It should also be noted that if Yoole has a change of ownership, we may have to provide the new company with your personal information. Changes of ownership can happen in a variety of ways with mergers, acquisitions and sales of organizations taking place every day.

4. Storing Data

Where Do Yoole Place My Personal Information?

Members of Yoole may live in a nation which has strict data protection laws but as we are a worldwide organization, there is no guarantee that the data we store will have the same level of data protection as you normally have in the country where you live. This is because we have servers in a host of different nations. You must bear this in mind. If you sign up to Yoole and give us your personal information, you are automatically giving us the right to transfer, store and process your data in any nation where our servers exist.

5. Protection Of Data

What security measures do Yoole take with my data?

We know that providing us with personal information is a major undertaking which requires a lot of trust on the part of our users. This is why at Yoole, we have exceptionally tight security measures in place to ensure that your data always remains protected from theft, misuse or unauthorized changes. We employ some of the best technicians in the world and with firewalls and ultra-secure servers, your data is in good hands.

However, we cannot be 100% certain that misappropriation or theft of your personal information will never happen because of the lamentable existence of internet hackers. There is also the very slight possibility that data will be lost in other ways. Breaches of security can happen but we make it as difficult as possible for those who try and hack our site. For your part, always log out of Yoole after every single use and never divulge your account’s password or any other information that could compromise your Yoole account.

Therefore, use of this site comes at your own risk. Yoole cannot guarantee the safety of your data during transmission to our site. Once you sign up, you agree to allow Yoole to use its excellent security measures to keep your data secure and safe.

What can I do to help keep my information safe?

As already mentioned, your password must never be known by anyone else but you. This means you must avoid giving it to third parties such as your friends. Losing your password means you lose control of your account. In the event of this happening, you must contact our support team immediately. Also, go to ‘Settings’ and change your password as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Remember, loss of your password constitutes a breach of our Terms and Conditions and could see your account deleted by Yoole.

6. User’s Rights

How do I change my personal information on Yoole?

We want our members to be in control at all times which is why you have 100% access to your profile and can change it as you see fit. This is why it is so important to keep your password safe. Information you can alter on your profile includes your password, physical location, various aspects of your profile such as videos and pictures as well as the email address you entered when you registered for Yoole.

When your information changes, it is a good idea to log into Yoole and follow the instructions to change it. Yoole urges you to change your password on occasion for security reasons.

Depending on where you live, there is a possibility that you may be allowed a right of access to your data which means you are legally entitled to request a copy of the information Yoole has about you on file. If this is the case, please contact our support team and make the request in writing. It should be noted that you may have to pay a small fee for this service which is also permitted by law.

How do I leave Yoole?

All good things come to an end and some users may have found the right person on Yoole and no longer need to use the service. If this is the case, well done! To delete your account, simply inform our support team first before going to your Profile page and choosing the ‘Delete Account’ option from ‘Settings’.

You may also wish to take time out from Yoole for a while. In that case, your account will not be deleted but users will not be able to search for you. It is possible that your profile will be seen via links on the site. In any case, your information remains on our records in case you want to use the site again. If you return within 30 days, all your information will be accessible quickly and easily. After this time, you account undergoes a gradual deletion beginning with the deletion of your photographs within 2 weeks. All other information such as your contact history gets deleted thereafter. Only delete your account if you are 100% sure you will never use Yoole again.

If a member of Yoole is deleted by us for inappropriate behavior, his/her information will remain with us as a means of ensuring they do not try and circumnavigate our rules by opening a new account which would be in breach of our Terms and Conditions. Information we keep includes an email address and IP address.

Be Warned!

Please remember, some of your account information may be available online even after you have deleted it as the information has been used, copied and shared by other users. This occurs with every other site and is the nature of the internet as search engines save everything forever. Yoole is not liable for this because it is out of our control. We cannot control the whims of search engines! Also, third party organizations may keep any information that has been shared with them depending on their own privacy policies.

It is also possible that deleted information may exist in backup copies for another 30 days but no user can access it.

What if I allow my account to stagnate?

Those who don’t use Yoole for 90 days may find their account information deleted as we attempt to clean up our system. Therefore, log in periodically if you don’t want to lose your account! Contact us for more information on our Privacy Policy.

Further Reading

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Date Of Policy Update

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 14 June 2013