Yoole’s Terms And Conditions

All terms and conditions seen on Yoole and any claims or arguments that arise because of (or in connection with) them (including claims and disputes of a non-contractual nature) will be judged in accordance with the laws of Switzerland. Our terms and conditions have been translated into a host of different languages. If there are differences between these translations and the English version, the English set of terms and conditions will be given precedence.

The Quickie Summary

Welcome all Yoole users! We know you are eager to come on here and make friends but we have to bother you with some formalities. The following terms and conditions are applicable whenever you come to Yoole so we urge you to read them. Knowing that people normally have the attention span of a goldfish, here’s a quickie summary:

  • Over 18’s only: Yoole is a site for adults which means kids can’t come on here until they are 18 years old. So, even if you have facial hair, it doesn’t automatically make you eligible!
  • Reporting: Although we can’t act as guardians of the site and watch every single thing being posted, we will act if inappropriate content is posted. So do yourself and every Yoole user a favor, if you see something offensive, alert us and we will get rid of it.
  • Taking Responsibility: As adults use Yoole, we expect you to take responsibility for whatever you post because we are not liable for anything you upload. So, if you infringe on someone’s copyright, it’s your neck on the chopping block.
  • Privacy: If you have issues with how you think Yoole is using what you post, have a quick read of our Privacy Policy for all the information you need.

Legal Spiel

At Yoole, we want our users to have an incredible time and meet new people, share videos and photos and in general, feel like they are out with friends. It’s a cyber meeting spot which we intend to keep as safe as possible. Therefore, we need you to adhere to all the Terms and Conditions outlined within so you can go back to impressing all the guys and gals on here!

As such, the ‘Terms’ are an agreement which is legally binding and takes place between you (the user) and us (Yoole, represented by eruxo llc an Swiss company, Hauptstrasse 46a, 8832 Wollerau) of yoole.com.

These terms are applicable to everyone who lays eyes on Yoole and are not the sole preserve of registered users only. If you use, access or register for any Services on Yoole, you are instantly legally obliged to follow the Terms outlined.

Those who refuse to follow the Terms cannot access, use or be registered on yoole.com.

1 Rules When Using Yoole Including Use And Posting Of Content

Can I Use Yoole?

Yoole is a site that is dedicated to connecting people over the age of 18. We encourage all users of that age and over to register and become part of the Yoole community. However, only those who are 18 or over AND are in full compliance with the site’s terms and conditions may use Yoole. We are not responsible if you live in a region where the site’s terms and conditions cannot be followed.

What Can I Post?

On Yoole, you can post just about anything your heart desires (within reason). If you want to show the world a giant litter of kittens or embarrass your brother by capturing him doing something foolish on camera, then go right ahead. We allow Yoole users to post photographs, emails, videos and text content.

However, Yoole is not a site that allows you to post lewd, violent or downright offensive material. Here is a list of what you CANNOT post on Yoole:

  • Pornographic material that is obscene and in all likelihood, offensive.
  • Spam material and junk mail
  • Viruses, corrupt files, spyware or anything of this nature which is designed to infiltrate the information of others without permission, damage a computer or steal information from Yoole
  • Marketing material which is designed to advertise goods and services. We will not tolerate the posting of emails, addresses or phone numbers of any organization or individual who is trying to sell goods/services to Yoole users or visitors
  • Material which promotes violence or acts of terrorism or racism. The old adage which states that we should never argue over religion or politics rings true here
  • Images of likenesses which represent someone who is less than 18 years old. Yoole is a site for adults and we intend to keep it that way
  • Anything which is defamatory in nature
  • Abusive material which advocates violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry or general hatred. Yoole will not stand for insults, threats of physical harm or abuse on this site

All of our users are over 18 years old so we expect you to have some semblance of intellect, common sense and judgment when it comes to posting things on Yoole.

What Are Yoole’s Rules When It Comes To Displaying Personal Information?

Yoole users are not permitted to display personal information on their profile page. You also may not post similar information about any other person. Examples of information that is not to be displayed on your page include names, home addresses or phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, emails, postcodes and financial details.

What you divulge to people you speak with on Yoole is up to you but we would strongly advise against offering anything other than tidbits of information. For the most part, online chat is safe but there are also risks associated with it. Therefore, be as careful when giving information as you would normally be with anyone you don’t know. Regardless of what information you give, you are doing so at your own risk. Please read our guide to staying safe online before using Yoole.

Can I Use The Information Of Others?

The only reason why you should use anyone else’s information is for the purpose of meeting a fellow Yoole user as this is why the site was set up. We must warn you that usage of anyone else’s information as a means of marketing, advertising, sending viruses or spamming anyone is forbidden. Those who are found to misuse other people’s information will be kicked off Yoole immediately.

Can I Give Anyone Else My Password?

Absolutely not! Would you give anyone your PIN number and bank card? Once you register with Yoole, it is YOUR account, no one else’s. Giving someone else your password, no matter how much you trust them, puts all the content you have sent and received on Yoole at risk. If the person with your password plays a practical joke and violates our terms and conditions, we will have no choice but to kick you off the site. We assume that all actions that take place from your page are your doing.

Therefore, your password should never be given to anyone. Yoole is not responsible for the security of your password or the actions of anyone who knows it and misuses your account. In the event that someone has unauthorized access to your account, contact Yoole immediately. You should also change your password as a matter of urgency. Remember, failure to keep your password safe could see you removed from Yoole.

How Visible Is The Content I Post?

You should be aware that all content uploaded on to Yoole can be seen by everyone. Web surfers can see photographs and some information about you such as username and age. Yoole gives you to option to make content private and choose the people who are allowed see what you post. Basically, if you don’t want people to see what you post, don’t put it on Yoole! That’s like wearing a very short skirt and expecting people not to look!

Yoole reserves the right to block, edit or remove content you post from the site without giving you prior notice. Yoole has absolutely no obligation to display what you post on the site, check the veracity of the information you post or monitor how the site is being used by you and others.

2 Content And Ownership

Are My Ownership Rights Jeopardized Once I Post Content On Yoole?

Not at all. You will still have ownership of whatever you post as long as you are the initial owner.

However, once you post your content on Yoole, we are allowed to display the content free from any obligations. We are not bound to pay royalties for the content and we can use it in any way we choose worldwide. For example, we can edit, copy, modify, reformat, translate, create derivative works from or include in other works, distribute and adapt the content posted as well as making it freely available to the public. We can do all of this without providing you with notice or knowledge of this occurrence.

Also, we can give this license to affiliates and/or successors without your knowledge or permission.

Once you upload content to Yoole, you are stating that you own the content and you agree to waive any and all moral rights to what you upload. This includes the right to be identified as the owner.

If we are contacted by someone else who claims to own what you uploaded and are claiming that your actions violate their intellectual property rights, we have the right to disclose your identity.

Who Owns The Other Site Content?

Everything else you see on the site is the sole property of Yoole. This includes all logos, trademarks, text, graphics, interfaces, art and sounds. We are the exclusive owners of all this material which is licensed by us and protected by trademark, copyright and intellectual property laws. In essence, this means you better not try and steal anything from us!

Am I Allowed Use Content I Don’t Own On Yoole?

Regarding all other content, you cannot publish, edit, copy, paste or do anything with Yoole content that you did not upload yourself.

3 Premium Services

What Paid Options Do Yoole Offer?

Although Yoole has a host of great options for free, there are additional extras for those willing to splash out. First and foremost, paid services enable you to cast a wider net and meet more people. They also help you improve your profile thus increasing your chances of finding a perfect match. It will be like fishing with state of the art equipment in a very small lake as the extra services massively improve your success rate.

Yoole is not just a site for meeting and greeting. We have a host of fantastic new premium functions. You can access these great options once you register though it should be noted that Yoole cannot refund money spent on our special premium services. This shouldn’t be a problem as the services offered provide great value for money. We have a variety of options and payment is easy and fast.

I Enjoyed The Premium Services And Want Renew or Cancel. How Do I Do This?

We have made it easier than ever for you to renew your subscription to our paid services. Once you provide us with the method of payment you prefer, we automatically renew your contract unless you tell us otherwise. You can quickly change your payment method on your profile. Remember, if you are paying through the company that provides your mobile phone service, you will have to contact them in order to change or cancel your service. These mobile phone companies tell us what to charge and we comply. You can also use the Auto Top-Up service which instantly credits your account when you need it most. If you cancel, your Comet Powers will be deactivated at the end of period you paid for. By making a payment, you acknowledge that your purchase is non Refundable. The charge will appear as eruxo llc on your bill.

How Do I Transfer My Premium Services Balance To Someone Else?

You can’t! Once you purchase our services, you are the only person who is allowed to enjoy them on your account. This means that transferring or selling these services to another Yoole user is not allowed. We have the right to withhold services that you have tried to sell or buy from another user. Essentially, you can only use the services that you pay for using the options we provide.

How Long Does My Balance Last?

Yoole has the right to remove any credit that remains in your account if it has not been used for 6 months. Accounts that are deleted by users or those who have been kicked off the site for violating the Terms and Conditions will not receive refunds for leftover credits. Please use up credits that are free from promotions as these can expire at any time. You cannot swap credits for cash.

We ask you to read our Service Conditions on the ‘top-up’ page in order to find out more information about payments.

How I can pay?

We try to offer you as much as possible ways to pay for the desired service. Depending of your country of residence you will got a selection of available payment methods.

4 Accessing Yoole

How Reliable Is Yoole?

Yoole is one of the best sites online when it comes to uptime. However, downtime is inevitable when it comes to the internet so we cannot guarantee that Yoole will be online 24/7. There are a number of reasons for this, many of which are beyond our control. There may also be occasions when maintenance will have to be carried out. We are not bound to guarantee the quality and availability of Yoole and we have the right to alter or even remove services previously offered on the site without providing notice.

Mobile Phone Information

Technological advances mean that you can now enjoy the wonders of Yoole from your phone. However, this incredibly convenient method of using the site has some provisos too. If you choose to access the site via mobile phone, it is entirely up to you to make the requisite arrangements to ensure that you can view and use the site. Yoole cannot be held responsible if you experience difficulties using the site on your mobile. Also, you are 100% responsible for accepting and paying the charges incurred by accessing Yoole on your mobile phone.

I Am Not A Member Of Yoole And I Am Unable To See Some Of The Site’s Content. Why?

There is a section of Yoole that can be seen by absolutely everyone. However, non-members are not allowed create a Profile or upload any content. As far as registered members of Yoole are concerned, their access to the site is dependent on them meeting specific criteria pertaining to their own Profile. We reserve the right to alter or update these criteria at any time without giving members notice and at our own discretion.

5 Deletion Of Accounts

By Yoole

Why Can’t I Access My Account?

Despite the great lengths we go to in order to clearly explain the Terms and Conditions associated with using Yoole, we still encounter users who violate these rules. If we feel that you are in flagrant breach of the site’s Terms and Conditions, we can suspend you or even completely remove you from the site. This involves deletion of your account. We can also legally remove certain IP addresses if necessary.

Although we are not legally bound to inform you of such an occurrence, we will, in the interests of politeness, try to contact you regarding this issue.

6 By The User

How Do I Cancel My Account?

Although it is rare in our experience that people decide to cancel their account, we do offer an easy option for them to do so. Simply log in, click the ‘settings’ option and choose ‘delete profile’. As many people realize that cancelling their account was a mistake, we save you the trouble of creating a new account by saving your information if you decide to return. In fact, your entire account will remain untouched for up to 30 days after you delete it. We know that some cancellations are temporary which is why we have this option. We have the right to delete content you have uploaded once your account has been cancelled. It is possible that content which you have uploaded to Yoole, besides your Profile, (such as email messages or comments) will remain on the site after you cancel your account.

7 Reporting Violations

How Do I Report Someone In Violation Of The Terms And Conditions?

Go to our feedback page as soon as possible and tell us about the breach of terms and conditions. An easy way to report inappropriate behavior is to simply click ‘report abuse’ on the profile of the perpetrator. You should then explain the transgression and we will endeavor to sort it out quickly. Reporting such behavior is the duty of every Yoole user and we really appreciate your assistance when it comes to keeping the site fun and free of problems.

8 Yoole Privacy Policy

What Happens To My Personal Information?

We urge all Yoole users to read the site’s Privacy Policy before signing up. You are agreeing to allow your content to be published and you are also stating that everything you post is true and accurate. We are not liable for information that is false, misleading or defamatory in nature.

9 Links

What Relation Do The Site’s Links Have With Yoole?

We have the right to enter third party links to services and goods but these links are for information purposes only. Should you click on one of these links, it is likely that you will be directed away from the site. Once you are off Yoole and on another site, you should remember that their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy could be entirely different from ours. Although these links are on our site, we do not promote nor endorse these sites or the content contained within. Yoole accepts no responsibility for them, this includes (but is not limited to) the adherence of these third party sites with relevant regulations or legal matters.

10 Yoole Disclaimers

I Neglected To Follow The Terms And Conditions And Now I Am Being Sued. Can Yoole Help Me?

As all Yoole users are deemed responsible for their own actions and the site is in no way affiliated with you or your conduct, any legal issues you encounter must be handled by you alone. Yoole disclaims the behavior of all users and also expressly disclaims uploaded content on the site. This is a site for adults and we expect all users to behave as such.

You Can’t Disclaim Everything Surely?

The site’s terms do not keep us free from liability if it can be proven that these Terms and Conditions were negligent and were responsible for serious injury or even death. There are also certain things that cannot be free from liability legally speaking. However, Yoole are not liable for warranties, conditions and representations and all similar terms which may be implied by the law of equity, common law or statute.

Yoole is also not liable for:

  • Liabilities suffered by you through usage of Yoole and the Terms and Conditions within. This includes (and is not limited to) claims, damages, liabilities, demands, charges, expenses and losses of any kind regardless of whether or not these losses are direct or indirect, punitive, special, exemplary, incidental or consequential regardless of how these damages occur(including negligence).
  • Any losses incurred by those who use the site. This includes, but is not limited to, loss of data through one’s own negligence or via a computer virus, loss of property, cash or other assets, loss of productivity, lost or wasted time in an office, loss of income or profit, or breach of contract with outside parties. This is the case even if Yoole has been informed of these issues.
  • Damage to property, injury, theft, strikes or anything else associated with use of the site. This liability applies but is not limited to any virus or malicious software transmitted to your computer, mechanical or electrical failure, inability to use the telephone, unauthorized access, theft, bodily harm, strikes, labor disputes or acts of God.
  • Problems associated with the use of the site including, but not limited to, damage caused to your person, property, business, family life and loss of employment, savings, and goodwill regardless of whether it was caused by negligence, breach or contract or any other reasons irrespective of whether they were foreseeable regardless of if they arose directly or indirectly.

11 Rules On Indemnity

My Behavior On Yoole Was Against Your Terms And Conditions And Now You Are Being Sued

In the event of Yoole being sued as a direct result of your use of the site, we are legally allowed to settle the claim in any way we choose. You must comply if asked to provide evidence relating to the claim.

You must declare that Yoole, its employees, all company representatives and licensors are innocent and not liable for any damages. You must do this if we are sued for damages or in relation to expenses, fees, liabilities, actions and proceedings held against us as a result of your (mis)use of the site. This includes your access to the site and all materials you upload which go against the clearly outlined terms and conditions. We also are legally allowed to settle these cases in the most expedient way without your knowledge or consent.

12 Additional Information

What About The Confusing Information Added Right At The End Of Contracts To Mess With The Reader’s Mind?

At Yoole, we like to cover every base which is why we will keep confusing information to a minimum. We want you to enjoy the site without enquiring about the services of a lawyer!

We have done our absolute best to make sure that all the information you see on Yoole is up to date, accurate, available and easy to digest. We take pride on quickly updating our users if anything changes. Yoole does not make or give any warranty or representation of any kind relating to any information you find on the site, whether or not it is implied or expressed. We never hide the fact that everything you do on Yoole and all information you upload or access is done at your own risk. If someone scams you or harms you in any way from your use of this site, we cannot take responsibility. You must make sure that any and all material you take from Yoole doesn’t contain viruses or anything else which may damage your property. When you use the site, you are accepting that there is a chance that Yoole will not be free from interruptions, errors, bugs, viruses, Trojans, spyware, malaware or any other software of a malicious nature. Yoole is not responsible for any damage caused to your computer through usage of the site. This includes damage to your hardware, software and any other technology you use from the aforementioned malicious software, fraud, defects, delays, interruptions in transmission and operation, omission or any other form of tampering, network failure, technical fault or mechanical issues of any kind. We have outlined an array of safety measures you should take on the site. The information available is enough for any adult to be able to enjoy Yoole without experiencing any problems.

We have the right to alter any information contained in these Terms and Conditions at any time and for any reason. If this happens, rest assured, the changes and dates they were made will be available at the foot of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page. On occasion, users may receive an email regarding changes. However, we would urge our users to check this page with regularity.

Users who are unhappy with changes in terms must stop using Yoole straight away if they find they cannot comply with the new rules. This is important because you are legally obliged to follow all changes in Terms and Conditions. An exception to this rule is if the terms are found to be illegal, invalid or uninforceable in some other respect by a well-respected and competent court of jurisdiction. If this happens, the offending term will be removed from the site forever. All remaining terms must continue to be followed in this case as they remain as legally binding Terms and Conditions.

The terms laid out by Yoole represent an agreement between the user and the site and supersede all prior agreements between us regardless of whether they are written or oral. There will be no exclusion of liability for misrepresentation of information however. No delay in exercising the rights, powers and privileges outlined in the Terms and Conditions will be allowed to act as a waiver of such a right or acceptance of any alteration of the Terms nor will any partial or single activity by either Yoole or the user of any privilege, right or power hinder any further activity of that right or the exercise of any other privilege, power or right.

There is nothing in the Terms that shall discuss or aim to give any benefits or rights to any Third Party which would allow them to enforce any of the terms. The Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act of 1999 is not applied to the terms on this page.

13 Important Links

  1. The Help Section: Everything you need to know about Yoole is in here.
  2. Privacy Policy: Learn more about how your personal information is in the safe hands of Yoole and how we use it.
  3. Safety Tips: Find out more about staying safe when using Yoole
  4. Guidelines: Learn what is and isn’t acceptable on Yoole
  5. Privacy Settings: How to keep your account as safe as possible. Learn how you can control your privacy.

14 About Us

yoole.com is represented by eruxo llc.

You can find our registered office at eruxo llc, Hauptstrasse 46a, 8832 Wollerau, Switzerland.

15 Effective Date

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 14 August 2013.