At Yoole, we want all our users to enjoy the benefits of the site without any stress. We urge safe and responsible use of the site at all times and have outlined a list of rules and regulations we hope you can comply with.

Acceptable Behavior

  • Uploads
  • Respect
  • Compliance
  • Sharing
  • Friendliness

Unacceptable Behavior

  • Abuse
  • Illegality
  • Unoriginality
  • Spam


You must only upload videos and pictures of yourself or else you must have permission to upload other material from the owner(s) of the videos and pictures. Copyright is a serious issue and we ask you to treat it as such. It is really poor behavior to pretend to be the person in a video or photo.


Yoole is filled with users of all ages, races, religions, shapes and sizes. Therefore, Yoole users must have respect for the beliefs of others at all times.


We have rules for a very good reason. Those who violate the terms and conditions of Yoole will be severely reprimanded and may even be expelled from the site.


We encourage users to spread the good word about Yoole all over the internet. Feel free to share your pictures and videos with fellow web users and be sure to post links to the site when doing so.


We invite all our users to share their great stories and experiences with us so that we can make Yoole a huge online community.

Unacceptable Behavior


Abusive behavior towards others has no place on Yoole or in the outside world. Respect your fellow users or risk a ban.


We are thrilled when our users share their files. What we cannot accept is the distribution of pornographic and violent material as well as images and videos used to incite hatred. We will find those who upload such material, ban them and report them to the police.


Don’t be lazy and just copy and paste messages to your fellow Yoole members. It is pointless and will greatly reduce the number of responses you get. Our users are smart and can tell when an unoriginal message has been sent. Get creative and make friends.


Yoole is not a forum for your marketing schemes. We don’t welcome the blatant promotion of goods and services. Those who disobey our rules on this matter will quickly find themselves banned.

We have rules to ensure that Yoole rules the web. We want a friendly, creative environment which is enjoyed by millions of people. If you don’t want to follow the rules, find another site. People who flagrantly flout our rules are not the type of people we want on here.