Staying Safe With Yoole: A Look At Online Safety

At Yoole, your safety is our primary concern. Below are some tips which you need to follow to ensure a safe journey into Yoole.

  • Personal Information
  • Username
  • Financial Information
  • Photos
  • Abuse
  • Meeting Up

Personal Information

It is never a good idea to give out personal information on the internet. You have no way of knowing who you are dealing with, especially when you have never met that person. We urge you to keep physical addresses, phone numbers and email addresses hidden from view at all times.


Although it feels liberating to have a playful, even sexy online persona, be wary of leaving false impressions. Yoole recommends that you use your first name (plus a random number) as your username.

Financial Information

It shouldn’t need to be stated but revealing any financial information online is asking for trouble. Be on your guard against those who want you to reveal credit card information, bank details or any other information that could leave you in a compromising financial position. A common scam perpetrated by thieves is to pretend to represent an organization and ask for financial details so that they can deliver what is a non-existent prize that is not authorized by Yoole. Avoid dealing with those who fabricate ‘sob stories’ whereby they claim to desperately need financial aid and swear to return it as soon as possible. Rest assured, they will vanish as soon as they receive the cash.


On Yoole, we encourage friendships but always ask for recent photographs, preferably ones that have been taken within the last month.


We don’t tolerate threats of physical violence, verbal, bigoted or racist abuse on Yoole and neither should you. Block and report anyone who behaves in such a manner.

Meeting Up

After a certain period of time, you may feel comfortable enough with the person to arrange a meeting. When this happens, please inform a friend where you are going. Make sure you speak to the person on the phone prior to any meeting.

Naturally, you should always look to meet up in a busy place in broad daylight. After telling your friends about your plans, agree to send that friend a message or phone them after a certain period of time. If your friend does not receive this confirmation that you are okay, they should immediately go to where you were meeting your new friend. If you are not there, they should consider phoning the police.

Alcohol may be a key element of social interaction to some people but at Yoole, we suggest foregoing alcoholic beverages. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and reduces awareness.

Have your own method of traveling to and from the meeting place. Do not meet at their home or yours and never accept a ride home from them, no matter how friendly they seem.